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Cat Bird has accepted a position as an in-house grant coordinator and fundraiser for a specific company and is no longer a freelance grant writer. Note that at this time I am not actively writing grants nor accepting new clients.

Catbird.ca has been fundraising for artists and organizations for 12 years and represents Canadian artists all over the world. Headed by Cat Bird, the organization and its staff has raised more than $6 million in funds and has supported musicians, filmmakers, dancers, visual artists, game coders, TV producers and the many thousands of individuals who work in the music industry with these artists.

For more than 20 years Cat Bird has worked in the entertainment industry, from starting an indie record label and publicity company in the 1990’s, 10 years as the sponsorship and trade show coordinator for the NXNE Music Festival, launching the US bookings department of Paquin Entertainment Agency and being Executive Director for the Songwriters Association of Canada. In between were stints with Now Magazine, Jazz Expo and as an independent concert promoter and tour manager.

Cat’s skills as an experienced advisor and consultant in project management and funding in the Arts has contributed to the success of thousands of artists, organizations and presentations. Catbird.ca maintains a handy resource list of funding sources, advice and services that will assist artists, arts companies and non-profit organizations.

If you are looking for a grant writer, I am recommending my clients speak to shanethompson1992@gmail.com or  funding@submanagementgroup.com to pick up where I left off.