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Want the Full Grant List in an Excel Sheet so you can edit out the ones that don’t apply to you, and import it into your calendar? Only $15, email me and it’s yours.


The following companies are not directly affiliated with, but have done good work for many of my clients and are worth a phone call to get you started.


Publicity Music:

Sasha Stoltz Publicity – Sasha.Stoltz

Rebecca Webster, Webster Media –

Julie Booth, Freshly Pressed –

Joanne Setterington, Indoor Recess –

Cat Fawcett, Cat PR –

Strut Entertainment –

Yvonne Valnea, Last Tango –

Dolce Barbosa, db Promotions –

Laurie Lockhart, Get The Message –

Eric Alper, ThatEricAlper –

Glenda Fordham, Fordham P.R. –

Bobby Gale, Plug Music –


Publicity Film:

Danielle Morgan, Clutch PR –

Amy O’Grady – Rock It Promo –


Radio Promotion:

Geoff Goddard, Frontside Radio Promo –

Adrian Strong, DMD Promo –

Cara Heath, With A Bullet –

Dale Peters, Dale Speaking Ltd –

Andrea Morris, AM to FM Promotions –


Online Marketing (Film & Music):

Christine Bode – Scully Love Promo –

Marcio Novelli, Social Surge –

Bruce Bradley, Slammin’ Media –


All-Round Music Consultants:

Matt Smallwood, Flying Colours –

Lori Hirst, Lefty-Lou Music –

Marlene D’Aoust, Music Business Mentoring –

Matthew Taylor, Grindaholiks –

Irene Carroll, i see et associates –


Music Videos:

Ian Peters, Dept of Media –

Matt Finlin, Door Knocker Media –

Troy Niemans, Outer-National Films –

Mike Sorganese, Render Media –

Tyrone Harding, Cultivate Music –

Oliver Banyard –

Brandon Chung, Proj3ct Films – Proj3ctFilms

Jordan Barber, The Herd –

Stephen Scott, Fireboy Films –

Warren Sonoda, 365 Films –

Potential Films –

LaRue Entertainment –

The Field –


Music Distribution Services:

IndiePool –

Believe Digital Canada –


Film Distribution Services:

Without A Box –

Film Freeway –


Digital Project Production Insurance:

Front Row Insurance: 416-642-5200 –

CG&B Group: 1-800-267-6670 –

Dan Laurie Insurance (Broker Chris Case): 1-800-661-1518 –


Should you be on this list? Send me an email to introduce yourself.