Upcoming Deadlines


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There is no longer an up to date list of upcoming deadlines. But you can check out the links below for programs that will suit your project:

City-Specific Arts & Culture Funding
Calgary Arts Development
Edmonton Arts Council
Halifax Arts & Culture
Toronto Arts Council

Provincial Arts & Culture Funding
Alberta Found. for the Arts
Arts New Brunswick
Arts Nova Scotia
BC Arts Council
Celebrate Ontario
Creative BC/BCMF
Government of Ontario
Manitoba Arts Council
Manitoba Film + Music
Metcalf Foundation
Music Nova Scotia
Newfoundland Arts Council
Nova Scotia Culture Funding
NWT Arts Council
Ontario Arts Council
Ontario Creates/OMDC
Trillium Foundation
Yukon Arts and Culture

Federal Arts & Culture Funding
Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund
Canada Council for the Arts
Canada Media Fund
First Peoples’ Cultural Council
Harold Greenberg Fund
Heritage Canada
Independent Production Fund
RBC Music Video Project
Rogers Funds
Socan Foundation
Starmaker Fund
Telefilm Canada